TDG WaxOn/WipeOff Development v2 50ml


If you missed out first time round good news, the slightly tweaked v2 is here and is half the price of the retail pot.

As before we would like your views on using a wax in this way instead of the traditional cure times etc, views wanted on application ease, Removal etc. Also your views thoughts on gloss levels and personal durability results.
We have currently seen 10weeks on test car which hasn't been washed since application, protection in forms of beading seem to be wearing of, it was absolutely filthy but my gosh 2 days of rain and it is seriously almost spotless again, im seriously shocked, dirt and sap has washed straight off, be great to prove this like haha.

This wax is literally wipe on wipe off, application cannot be simpler.
Work in small areas around 2 square feet quarter bonnet size at a time, swipe the pot and glide easily over your paintwork applying as thinly as possible in straight lines and then work backwards to your start position again and it will be immediately ready to buff, no cure times for this one and only light pressure should be needed with a plush microfibre. Allow an hour or 2 if you wish to layer depending on temp.

Take a little more care in direct sunlight and/or hot panels, Do Not allow to dry on paintwork as removal will be grabby but dont worry simply reapply to oil back up and wipe off as easy as before.

This is a preorder for a pour on Friday/Saturday so will not be shipped until Monday, Thanks for looking and every tester will receive 25% discount on the retail version.

I am going to offer this one in Candy Sweet Shop flavour and Lemon Cola.

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