TDG ‘Tyre Jam’ Tyre & Trim Dressing

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Tyre Jam, designed to be a decicated tyre dressing, but actually an extremely versatile product. Suitable for tyres, hoses all rubbers and even exterior trim, restoring that original finish. Silicone and solvent base ensuring long lasting durability and water repellency.

For best results apply tyre jam via foam applicator, for satin finish;
Apply 1 coat, allow product to evaporate, then wipe off. For gloss finish;
Apply first coat and allow to soak in, wait 30min and apply a second coat, reapply for desired finish and allow 30min drying to avoid any sling.

Highly Flammable, may be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. Toxic to aquatic life. Store away from any heat and children. Always use gloves and eye protection. Use on well ventilated areas. If swallowed contact poison center/doctor immediately, store locked away.

Pro Tip; for extra protection satin finish apply 1 coat wait 15min towel off. Repeat once more.

£12.49 500ml