TDG Raspberry Wheel Seal

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TDG Inspired by detail, created by enthusiasts, developed for you. Hand made, hand poured and hand labelled car detailing products.

Raspberry Wheel Seal, fantastically quick and easy protection for your alloy wheels. Creates a durable, dirt repellent hydrophobic coating to help keep wheels cleaner for longer and make cleaning again a breeze, and check out that added gloss!!

Initially best with a neat coat for maximum durability. Thoroughly clean and dry wheels prior to application. Spray over alloy wheels and allow a minute bonding time, then simply wipe away. No hard buffing residues here.

Once applied can be wet coat applicated each wash to aid durabilty by simply misting over cleaned alloys while still wet and rinsing off and drying as normal.

If you're after quick and easy protection it can just be used as a wetcoat for few weeks durabilty.

Safety: Do not ingest, Eye Irritant, Keep out of reach of children.

Comes with trigger sprayer for application.