Quick Tropics Gloss Boosting QD


TDG inspired by detail, created by enthusiasts, developed for you. Hand made, hand poured and hand labelled.

An incredibly easy to use quick detailer, gone are the days of crazy buffing thanks to this new formula, simply wipe off the excess moisture and let the qd do the rest, laying down a nice protective carnauba coating, Quick Tropics little party piece is that it can also be used as a glass sealant, happy days. Safe on rubber and plastic.

Qd, simply spray over lightly and wipe making sure to remove any excess moisture and the rest will simply evaporate away!
Glass, spray over and buff off to a great streak free finish whilst laying down a hydrophobic coating, greatly improving visibility.

Safety information:
Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Possible skin and eye irritant.
If any irritation occurs seek medical advice if required.