TDG Blueberry Wheels Concentrate 500ml


TDG inspired by detail, created by enthusiasts, developed for you. Hand made, hand poured and hand labelled.

An Acid Free Wheel Cleaner Concentrate with a unique formula helps break down road grime, brakedust and general filth, quickly and safely. Suitable for all alloys.

Shake well, dilute with 5 parts warm clean water, 1 part concentrate, spray a generous amount all over your wheel, allow to dwell for a minute or 2 then power rinse off. If the wheel is seriously heavily contaminated some agitation may be required with a soft detailing brush. DO NOT allow to stand on wheel for over 5mins.

Can be used upto 10:1 on lightly soiled alloys, or upto 30:1 on sealed alloys.

Safety information:
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not inhale the spray, avoid contact with eyes and skin where possible, we recommend always wearing gloves. Seek medical attention if required.

500ml (makes upto 5L) and 5L (makes upto 50L) available. 5L is £32.99 Delivered.

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