Micks VapaRub Sample Pack


The newest wax installment from us is now ready for public test as always when we think we are close we offer you guys the chance to try first and take your feedback into account for tweaks before official retail.

So without further ado I give you ‘Micks VapaRub’ this is a high content blend of the finest t1 grade carnauba and candellila wax with pure natural fruit and plant extracts including peppermint, eucalyptus and lime, then infused with ceramics and the latest polymer additives to ensure this is a contender.

What we want help with here is:
-the fragrances notes, what more or less of each
-application and removal feedback, methods you use, what kind of towels you used etc how was the feel/ease of use
-and finally what you thought of the results, gloss levels/durability etc

We recommend a cure time of 5-10, removal with a short pile and a final buff with a quality plush.

Whats in the box:

100ml Micks VapaRub
80ml Febreezie High Gloss Polish
100ml Fruit Salad Shampoo
100ml ‘Satin da Caribbean’ interior dressing
100ml v2 KwicKoat dilutable qd

Please please please give us feedback also on all the above it really does help us and its great to know what you guys think, again application methods are upto you and let us know the results.

There are a few waxes just by themselves these are with paper labels and are half price.
Will be shipped Monday. First come first served.

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