Limited Edition Kreed Prewash, Scent & Shampoo

Image of Limited Edition Kreed Prewash, Scent & Shampoo

£8.00 - On Sale

Limited Edition run of prewash and scent spray based on the ever so popular Creed Aventus, if you have heard or smelt this you will be aware of how expensive it is and how flipping divine it is.

This replicas are just like the real deal and linger around for hours, the prewash is still smelt after your detailing regimen is over and if you want it to continue you now can with a few spritz of the spray in your cabin.

This was a request from a customer and it just has to be offered to you guys too, and now our best seller, this is the only scent I personally will now use so thank you David haha.

Triple pack now available with creed takeover shampoo, same formula as the fruit salads shampoo