Cleanse It, Prewax Cleanser Non Abrasive Polish

Image of Cleanse It, Prewax Cleanser Non Abrasive Polish

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TDG inspired by detail, created by enthusiasts, developed for you. Handmade, hand poured and hand labelled detailing products.

Every Artist Needs A Clean Canvas, Right?
Cleanse It provides the perfect base for your choice of LSP. AS well as having the best selected polishing oils to provide a deep wet look to the paint, the active cleansing agents will make light work getting rid of oxidisation and contamination that regular washing can't do.
Cleanse It is non abrasive and suitable for all colours of Paint.

Cleanse It is best applied by hand using microfiber applicator pad, 3-4 pea sized drops is enough per panel. Apply by wiping as thinly and as evenly as possible using light overlapping strokes to provide best coverage, once dry simply buff off with a microfiber cloth.

£14.99 500ml